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Our Ingredients

We know to get the best quality pet treats, we need to use the best quality ingredients – and where better to find them than in New Zealand? We trace exactly where all our ingredients come from, so we know they are grown sustainably to the highest quality.

When they arrive in Christchurch, we freeze dry them to lock in the nutrients and flavour before they are turned into tasty morsels your dog will love. What’s more, you won’t see any nasties in our products. Each ingredient is carefully chosen with your dog’s wellbeing in mind so they can lead a happy and healthy life.

Go on, check our label.

We only source ingredients from free range farms and nearby waters where ethical and sustainable practices are used. Here are some ingredients you will find in our recipes.


Grassfed beef organs

You will see the bulk of our recipes are mostly made of grassfed beef organs like liver, spleen, heart, pancreas, lung and kidney. This is because they are rich in a wide range of nutrients your dog needs to live a healthy lifestyle, benefitting their joint, vision, skin and mental health. These also provide our treats with a natural flavour dogs love. All our beef comes from Southland and Waikato.

Greenshell™ mussel

Greenshell™ mussels are native to New Zealand. They contain Omega 3 fatty acids, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Zinc, and Magnesium, which promote joint health and help target inflammation. We use mussels from Marlborough.

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Antarctic krill

With Omega 3 fatty acids, Astaxanthin and other nutrients, krill can support vision health and has anti-inflammatory properties. It also supports heart, joint and brain health. Our krill is sourced from the waters surrounding New Zealand.

Wild caught hoki fish eggs

Like other seafood, hoki fish eggs contain Omega 3, which aids inflammation and joint health. Ours are wild caught from New Zealand's marine territory.

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Bovine gelatine and bone

Gelatine has a wide range of benefits for dogs. These include reducing inflammation, joint, bone, brain and digestion health, along with helping strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments. Bone is rich in gelatine, Potassium and Calcium to help with gut and joint health, and boost immunity.


The benefits of kiwifruit are widely known. We use Bay of Plenty grown kiwifruit in some of our recipes because it is a good source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre for a quality stool and contains an enzyme that aids digestion.